Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's a muddy Denise...

I am happy to get a lot of features and especially I find that my art clay silver jewellery is been well recognised by quite some people.  I happened to pop inside Social Mentions and found Denise, who is a clay potter.  She featured my silver sunflower necklace in her blog.  Guys please check up her shop here

I am happy to be featured again

Thanks a lot!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My comfortable working space

Remember I promised to blog about my working space yet I am too lazy to do that.  Then my team, the Aspiring Metalsmiths that I joined recently came up with the idea of blogging each of our workspace.  I have taken some photographs just now and I really hope that you would not be disappointed to see it...Haha...I am in the middle of fixing the metal clay work, the broken harp that some already knew about it.  Hence my workspace is a little bit in the untidy mode, so I would like to apologize first.  

I am fixing the strings of the broken harp.  I mostly just throw everything into the black container.  Fast and easy...Haha...  See my magnifying glass??  I used it for small and delicate work^^
Music I always enjoy!! Glenn Gould and Karajan^^
Another side of my desk.  Filled with tools.  I am not so organized as I only started making metal clay jewelery for 5 months.  Probably it is time for me to get some racks to hang my tools and pliers.
Just a close up... One of my cats, named Zhu Rou.  Meaning 'Pork'.  My BF came up with the name...  Zhu always like to hang around my working space.
An unfinished painting and untouched for 2 years.  Hope to finish it during this Dec break when my students are away for holiday. 
I do not use torch to fire my clay.  As I am using art clay silver, I can fire the metal clay pieces using this stove.  Asian like me love to use it to eat 'steamboat'.  Normally the stove will be on the middle of the table.  The pot will be filled with chicken broth and we will just dump all the ingredients we like to eat inside and chat while waiting for them to be cooked...A Chinese culture^^  My mom would probably be looking for it...

Please check up the workspace of my other talented teammates. Definitely OOAK interesting workspaces!!

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Monday, November 8, 2010


I always have the habit to search Google for sites related to my blog or jewellery.  This is my great find for this evening and I am really happy that my metal clay jewellery is well recognized by the others.  I am so glad to introduce Clara, the creator of bloomize   She is web designer/developer and avid photographer who blogs about lifestyle relate articles.  I am honored to be featured by here.  Please check up her beauitful blog^^

Friday, November 5, 2010

New pendants!!

New works of mine.  I love the sunflower pendant, it is even nicer when seeing the real one.  Very sweet and delicate looking.  However, some parts of the harp need to be repaired, so it is not available in my shop.  But I am still excited to show you the harp pendant^^

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm Joy!! Haha...I'm not photogenic so it takes me really long to post a picture of myself.