Saturday, December 26, 2009


OH MY OH MY!!! I cant imagine that I have made another sale! "Love is in the air" was listed on the 25th and it was sold today. Yeh...! Yeh!! Guess I need to start making my red version of that and blue version. Probably will be called another name^^ I guess I finally have a boast of confidence this week. GREAT!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yucca/Mountain Yucca

Yup, this is the yucca flower that I'm talking about in my Etsy shop. I was inspired by the shape even through mine is a brass charm. Of course I never see it in real life because you can only find them wild in southern United States, Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies. It seems like a big bloated lily flower to me..hehe... Normally, the plants bear huge drooping bell shaped flower in white color and the leaves are rather stiff in the shape of the sword. The pollen of the yucca flowers is too moist to be carried by the wind, so it depends on the yucca moth to fertilize its flowers.Yucca moths are small and white. (Erm... my lariat's pollens are green and orange... and now i know why the plant and moth have some survival symbiotic relation... )

The next picture is a common species of yucca plant, grows in southern regions. Called......Adam's needle. Yup it's Adam's needle. ( I only heard of Adam's apple...(-_-)" ) Well who ever wants to know why please check up this link. http://http// I'll read it later.

Bye bye "In the midst of the garden"

Yeh!!! I finally made a sale to someone other than my sis Peggy. I'm very happy and feel less stress as I having been waiting for so long... Here is the pic the bracelet^^

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Same old seller, same old item

It is so annoying to see that the frontpage of Etsy has been featuring the SAME sellers for many times. Hello, its fine with me; afterall I have stopped checking your feature due to you so called ‘encouragement’ ever since I started to list my stuffs for 5 months but can’t you at least feature different item from the sellers??? What an eye sore (-_-) Truly, I have been wondering what the admins have been doing?? Many people open new shops at Etsy everyday and there are already 1165131 items in just the jewellery sections. Many sellers do have nice items to sell, nice shots and great price or even have to lower their price to peanuts in order to get featured or buyers to glance inside their shop. Very sad though... If they think that their showcases are their only “life saving boat” the real fact is that thousands of sellers have already drowned themselves in the ocean due to trusting and investing more than what they earned AND THE RESULT IS NOT SO VISIBLE...Disappointing...

New shots for "love is in the air"

I'm so happy to see the sun was out after the heavy downpour in the morning and the lighting was extremely bad. The weather is a bit cooling now and just right for relaxing. Yeh!! Finally I can get to pamper myself a bit with a 30mins nap but still I must focus not to nap for too long and get my work done for today.

Here is my to do list,

1) Pack my room
2) New shots for some earrings and necklace, Check!
3) Update my Etsy
4) My personal study
5) Enjoy what my dad prepared today...FEAST!

These are the new pics for the earrings> <, nice right.......but I'm not going to upload today as the Etsy is having a traffic jam....headache... always a problem and i hope they really do something about it. So sit back and enjoy as you are the first one to view it ya...hehe...

I always like the way the light glowed at the back, adding some 'Wow' from the other viewer........ It looks so holy, decent and pleasant, really something to showcase your feminie personality. SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!!! The balance was the difficult part during the process of making this earring. As I created them one after another, the number of crystals varied. I have to depend on my eyes to balance the volume of the crystals to create a natural flow of clusters on each side.

I think it is hard to find a correct composition for this kind of earrings, something doesn't seem right. But this pic is one of the best angle Rookie Joy could have. Overall not bad^^ I alway want to invest on a photoshop when I get serious with jewelery making career and there are so many things in my head concerning....well too many for me to list... Not matter what, I still enjoy the process of creating something beautiful but the promoting part is always a headache to me. Never good in it...

This is the pic which I cant get it right but the outcome is still presentable. I do not know the best angle of it and I think also because my existing props are not suitable for the concept. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love is in the air

This pair of earrings entitled "Love is in the air" is to share the happiness of finding true love in this hectic world. Love is indeed influential, addictive, desirable and the greatest quality that mankind could have. 2 weeks ago, one of my friend told me that she is giving herself another chance in love. I'm obviously happy for her that I named this new pair of earrings for her.
Don't you agree with me that this pair of adorable earrings give you a scent of sweetness and warmness that will melt your heart? This will be one of my lastest creations to be listed on Etsy. However, I couldn't get some nice shots of them due to the lightings and background which I am very particular in. As a fussy composer of space and color, I hope to present this pair of earrings with the suitable background as a nice picture tells a thousand words.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My heart is calmed.

I have been wondering about all these sort of Twitter, followers and following thing. When I was a so called Artist (what many people would really feel honoured with the title) I never want to get involved in the art industry as I never agree with that kind of mass communication and socialising world to be “known”. Even though I may love art and painting a lot but a greater commission which I have now is so much vital and important and thus becomes the main priority of my life. Well, I have to admit that I was drawn away with the anxiety of life for this month; to associate, to be connected with as many people as possible, to be followed and following other people when I should be following the most important ONE. My conscience has been telling me what I am doing now is wrong and I do not enjoy being involved in the mass connection world now or then. Hence I finally managed to be awaked and confirmed my decision during the study meeting I had this week and really thanks God that he draw me back to stay focus on my priority commission I have now and to leave my anxiety of life to him. He will do what is needed for me when the time is right and I do have even more faith and feel even closer to him. Hence I started to delete my Twitter account and other related site as these are not the source which I want to rely in. Of course I am still making jewellery but I do it on the day I scheduled and try not to be distracted by any unwanted temptations and desires.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My first sale^^

These are the 2 bracelets which Peggy, my sisters bought. Really have to thank her to make a start for my shop. However I’m still hoping to get my sale better as I don’t want to end up like Vincent Van Gogh, who only managed to sell his paintings to his brother Theo... Sad after all...

Rosatre is a very fancy design, tangling a scent of sweetness, something that will make you feel like a woman. Balloons in the sky is more to the modern age that will make you lively and youthful again.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First time writing blog

Well...this is my very first time writing a blog...quite nervous...><”

"This blog is about my jewellery making career. I think it is a big change for those who know me as a fine art artist... (Maybe I could write about my painting once I settle down with the jewellery part. Painting is still my passion) but overall jewellery making is also very interesting; especially when I got to know what silver clay was^^. Super interesting!!! I always teach my little students to play with paper clay and now this silver clay is a real hit for jewellery maker "

This is my shop at Etsy,

What do you think of the banner.......Can’t imagine that this simple banner took me 3 hrs to complete....headache... but at least I started to get the idea of the software GIMP , a free one to replace Photoshop. Not bad too^^ This banner is only for temporary usage. I have a lot of new ideas for the new one...those ideas have been bombing my mind until I can’t sleep for many nights, so I think it’s best to get them out ASAP!!! Do check up as i really do have some interesting and unique jewellery.

Here are some pics to arouse your curiosity ^^ The one above is titled Moon, the faithful witness. Made with moonstones and aventurine together with sterling silver. Overall I think I have managed to get a balance harmony in this modest design. What do you think?


The necklace above is Innocent Light, another of my crystal series. Innocent light is a piece of simple yet graceful necklace emphasizing the feminine character of yours.


Eternal bliss, a stunning pair of earrings made with swarovski crystals wired round the sterling silver ear loop. Sold one of it to my friend Cindy^^ Thanks!


This lariat is En noir et blanc (Black and white), a contemporary style. Made with swarovski crystals and sterling silver components. I remember I took nearly 3 hrs to make it and this was a nervous experiment with expensive materials. What do you think? I like it quite a lot.