Thursday, December 24, 2009

Same old seller, same old item

It is so annoying to see that the frontpage of Etsy has been featuring the SAME sellers for many times. Hello, its fine with me; afterall I have stopped checking your feature due to you so called ‘encouragement’ ever since I started to list my stuffs for 5 months but can’t you at least feature different item from the sellers??? What an eye sore (-_-) Truly, I have been wondering what the admins have been doing?? Many people open new shops at Etsy everyday and there are already 1165131 items in just the jewellery sections. Many sellers do have nice items to sell, nice shots and great price or even have to lower their price to peanuts in order to get featured or buyers to glance inside their shop. Very sad though... If they think that their showcases are their only “life saving boat” the real fact is that thousands of sellers have already drowned themselves in the ocean due to trusting and investing more than what they earned AND THE RESULT IS NOT SO VISIBLE...Disappointing...

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