Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Style necklace

Playing with art clay silver can be fun but the oxidizing process works wonders too.  This a vintage lacy style pendant which I have crafted recently.  In order to make the pendant more 'old' and vintage, I have oxidized it only for about 10 seconds.   Beautiful and unique isn't it???

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flower, flower, flower...

These are some of my new works.  I love them as I love flower!  They are just so sweet though in simple and plain designs.  Some are available in my etsy shop now.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aspiring Metalsmiths

What is the very first though that comes inside your mind when you hear the word ‘metalsmiths’??  It is WOW for me.  As a grown up in Singapore, it is really hard to find many who create jewellery at home using this metalsmith technique.  I have started using art clay silver since 3 or 4 months ago and I truly enjoy the experiences.   If you are looking for some other different kind of experience rather than cooking or sewing, this is really highly recommended.  Happily, I have known some really talented metal smiths from etsy who make really nice jewellery!  I would like to introduce some of rings they created^^  Do check up their shop too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Long list of treasuries!!

Guys, are you ready for another long ride of treasuries that featured my jewellery?? This is a really long one...

Nature Fall by chicalessia

Bosque de noviembre by rasamalia

Elf's Quest by JordanRou

In the woods by LaBellePoireJewellery

Trees by betherino

Creamy by bijoumystique

Happy moments

Also to share some happy moments. Guess which of my metal clay pieces gest the highest sales?? To my surprise, it is the butterfly necklace. I have sold 3 of this. And the result is considered good^^ I am right to make a plain and simple one^^

Cute ear studs

Hi Guys, I have not been that productive lately. Quite many pieces of my metal clay cracked due to my reckless force when I sanded the edges... Making studs are not that easy with limited resources. Some of the 925 ear posts started to melt during the firing process but many survived after some more aching experiments. After checking the website and I found out that I need something called Boric Acid. I am supposed to mix it with denatured alcohol to create a solution called fire coat. This solution will protect my silver firescale during the firing process...Sighed...I spent nearly $200 for my art clay silver yesterday and the need to spend more $$ for the work is stressing me up... However, There is this passion inside me , wanting to recreate more and to spend more time to practise my skills. Thanks to my students as they have having their exams now, so I manage to squeeze some more free time for me to devote into. Anyway, these are the new studs I have made. Aren't them sweet and cute for our daily activities?? Some are available in my online store now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bethany's wedding

I received an email from one of my customer Bethany last month. She actually shared with me her happy moments. I am really glad ( yes until now) that she emailed me 2 of her weddings photographs wearing the pearl earrings I created. I believe that this is the best compliment I have ever had ever since I have opened my jewellery shop. These are the pictures^^ See how beautiful she is!!

This is the pendant and earrings that she bought!! Find them in my shop here