Friday, October 15, 2010

Cute ear studs

Hi Guys, I have not been that productive lately. Quite many pieces of my metal clay cracked due to my reckless force when I sanded the edges... Making studs are not that easy with limited resources. Some of the 925 ear posts started to melt during the firing process but many survived after some more aching experiments. After checking the website and I found out that I need something called Boric Acid. I am supposed to mix it with denatured alcohol to create a solution called fire coat. This solution will protect my silver firescale during the firing process...Sighed...I spent nearly $200 for my art clay silver yesterday and the need to spend more $$ for the work is stressing me up... However, There is this passion inside me , wanting to recreate more and to spend more time to practise my skills. Thanks to my students as they have having their exams now, so I manage to squeeze some more free time for me to devote into. Anyway, these are the new studs I have made. Aren't them sweet and cute for our daily activities?? Some are available in my online store now.

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