Monday, April 26, 2010

Lavandula - violet quartz with swarovski crystal earrings

‘Lavandula’, the mint family name of lavender. Honestly I never know that lavender is actually a mint flower. Even through the pleasant aromatic fragrant and vibrant violet of the lavender are the upstanding characteristics, infusions of lavender soothe and heal insect bites. Bunches of lavender repel insects. If applied to the temples, lavender oil soothes headaches. In pillows, lavender seeds and flowers aid sleep and relaxation. Truly all things are created with a good purpose...isn’t it?

Have anyone of you tasted lavender ice cream in Singapore? I remember I ever tasted the most delicious lavender and orange peel ice cream in my life but sadly, the ice cream shop had closed down for many years. The shop was located at the city link and now is replaced by Starbucks. The shop was called ‘Hibiscus’ Please let me know if anyone have seen any of this shop around^^

Lavandula earrings are made of sterling silver, quartz and swarovski. Each side measures 2.5”.

Price S$50, temporary out of stock

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moonlight Poem- moonstones earhooks

I fell in love of this pair of earring immediately after I created it in the early afternoon. This is a classic version of Moonlight Story. Don’t you like the simplicity and delicate style of these moonstone earhooks...?? Do check it up if you have not seen them. Moonlight poem is made of only sterling silver wire and multi-colour moonstones. 6 moonstones were securely wired around handmade each ear hook. It measures only about 2 cm from the top of the hook. * Please note that all the stones' colours can be different from one another*

Price S$33

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pink Romance - swarovski crystals and clay rose earrings

Are you a pink person? Well I can’t say that I personally love pink or often wear pink but there is something about pink... People often relate pink to a soft side personality, sentimental or a sense of sweetness... Pink does have some mystical power to mellow a person’s heart isn’t it? Ok let’s confess! All of us used to love pink a lot especially when we were young right. Recall the sweet sweet girl day when we always worn pink everywhere or when our mummy dressed us up into a princess with pink... Kind of nostalgic when I started to recall my childhood memories...
This pair of earrings is one of my Spring Garden series...everything will be pink...haha...
Pink Romance is made of swarovski crystals and pearls and silver plated findings. My favourite part is the detail works of the polymer clay, pretty ya.

It measures 2” from the top of the ear hook to the bottom of the pearl.

Price S$28

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pearl Clusters Lariat- Pearl clustered loop with agate end

Have you find out that I love white colours?? It is a MUST in the things I created if not the background of my jewellery will be in different white tones. Pearls are one of the elegant materials to use in the jewellery. However, it can too cliché to use pearls normally, so I tried to make a leaf shape loop with clusters of seed bead pearls. Lastly I decided to use of that loop to make a classic and simple looking lariat. Another selling point of this lariat is the end with the pearl white agate. I have fastened it with a flowery beadcap and connected to a delicate sterling silver chain. The outcome is really stunning and attractive. The lariat measures 23.5"

Price S$ 70 (one of a kind)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cherry Bells, swarovski crystals and faceted briolette quartz beads earhooks

Even through Singapore does not have four seasons yet it is always nice to see flower bloom around March and April. I always like to look out of the windows and enjoy the scenery of beautiful flower. Red, pink, white and purple....very lovely... Oh how I can be absorbed in this feelings of sweetness... I was inspired to use these colours in this new creation. Cherry bells are a pair of extremely attractive and pleasant looking earrings to bring the ambiance of spring everywhere you go. I used only swarovski crystals, faceted briolette quartz beads and sterling silver components for this pair of earrings. It measures 4.5cm in length and 3.5cm for the diameter.

Price S$50 Sold 1

Love is in the air concentrated - red coral and swarovski crystals earrings

“Love is in the air” is highly concentrated in passionate love to charm your heart. If you are looking for something to showcase your strong feminine personality, this is the right one for you^^ The earrings are made out of 3 shades of red swarovski crystals which are connected to the red dyed coral rose and lastly attached to a simple earhook. I used only sterling silver in this creation.The earring measures about 2.5”

Price S$50 sold 1

Jazz in Black and White - sterling silver and swarovski crystal lariat

Jazz in Black and White is a contemporary style of lariat. This lariat is linked with different sizes and shades of Swarovski crystals, displaying layers of uniqueness of the necklace. It consisted of different shades of white tones, such as crystal 4mm, white opal 6mm, white alabaster 6mm and crystal round 14mm bead, contrasting with an elegant jet black round crystal 14mm and 24mm pendant. Each bead and pendant is secured with sterling silver wire and connected with textured circle links, silver beads and flattened cable chain. All materials are either Swarovski crystal or sterling silver. This lariat measures 13.5" and 27" for the whole length.


Price S$150

Moonlight story - moonstone rondelles on sterling silver earhooks

Simple and elegant earrings made of multicolour moonstone rondelles which are securely wired around handmade ear hooks. Each ear hook consists of 9 moonstones and measures 1.6” from the top to the bottom.

Price S$38 sold 1

Eternal bliss - xilion swarovski crystals and sterling silver ear loops

This pair of earrings is simply for lovers of the silver and sparkles!!! Xilion swarovski crystals are wrapped around the 925 ear loop using sterling silver wire. Please be ensured that all materials are sterling silver components.The diameter of the ear loop is 1.5”
Price S$38 sold 1

Honey and lime - yellow jade and blue armazonite rondelles bracelet

Taste of the sweet honey and the smell of the lime release a fruity sense to refresh you from the moment you wear it...I like the combinations of the yellow jade rondelles, blue amazonite rondelles and multi stone-glass rondelles. The contrast is subtle hence providing a harmonious looks for the bracelet. Each bead is connected with a bright silver plated pin linking to a sterling silver chain. The end of the chain is finished with a twisted jade.!!The bracelet fits 7” to 8”.


Price S$ 38

Orient synthesis - cinnebars, jades and swarovski crystal bracelet

I think that jades are one of the difficult materials to use as using them in the common way will become another cliché and boring bracelet.So this is another so called ‘chemistry’ combination of various beads together. Clink!! The end result is a successful oriental fusion bracelet; elegant and feminine. The red square cinnebar is linked with 2 sections of chains. Each section consisted of tear drop jades, crimson red and clear olive green swarovski crystals, jade flowers and round jade beads. All these are connected to a brass chain and closed with a simple toggle.The bracelet fits 6 – 7”

One of the kinds!
Price S$55

Fusion Jades - jade rings necklace

This is a new concept of composing with different shades of yellow jade rings. The raw and different hue of the rings institute an earthy feel yet become a fusion style after the rings are randomly linked together with non tarnish bass coated copper wire. Some brass flower spacers and light yellow jade rondelles are connected to break the regular pattern, making it something casual and youthful. Each end of the rings chain is connected to a double brass chain and lastly closed with a simple clasp. The necklace measures 16.2”

One of a kind!

Price S$55

Passion of the nature - magnesite turquoise coins and white howlite stones bracelet

This is another earth tone bracelet for you. The unique cracks on each turquoise coin add on to the distinguish design of this bracelet. I have balanced the weight of this bracelet with a thick brass chain, giving it overall strong and passionate characters. The white little howlite stones add a little delicate touches to the independence impression of the bracelet. Truly, a must have for you who has passionate and courageous yet mild tempered personalities.I used magnesite turquoise coin and white howlite stones wrapped with brass wire on brass chain, finished with a simple brass clasp.

This bracelet fits 6.5” – 8”^^


Price S$48

The Red flamenco - Mocha and red swarovski crystals and filigree charm earrings

A fiery pair of earrings to boast your day with passion, life and energy!!! They remind me of the flamenco dancers in “Strictly Ballroom”. Wonder if you have ever watched it before...The brass filigree charm is wrapped around with red coral beads at the outer layer followed by swarovski siam crystals and lastly a single dark red round swarovski crystal. The charm is then linked to a red copper earhook with brass beads and crystals. The earring measures 2.6”.


Price S$35

Luminary - swarovski pendant with sterling silver earrings

Be an inspiring light to the others!! I love the way the light is elegantly drawn inside the swarovski pendant. The pendant reacts to the cold or warm colour skin of yours and the overall simple design of this pair of earrings make it easy for you to match most of the outfits^^The earrings measure 2.7”. All materials are sterling silver.

Price S$25 (one of a kind)

Icy Frost - blue lampwork beads and sterling silver earrings

Unique earrings made of lampwork glasses. Each handmade sterling silver ear hook is stringed with a clear blue spot lampwork glass followed by an ultramarine blue ‘sugar coated’ lampwork then a clear blue spot one again. The ear hoop measures about 1.5” from the top of the ear hook to the bottom.

Price S$15

Mountain Yucca - gemstones and brass lariat

The title is named after a flower called Yucca. Surprisingly, Yucca is both a plant and a moth to fertilize its own pollen and they have a special relationship for each other survival. Yucca plants are a member of the lily family, so do check up my blog if you are interested to know more of it. Can you find some resemblance of the yucca flower with my lariat if you check up my blog to see the actual picture of it?? Yes it is the shape of the brass charm I used. The lariat is consisted of 2 different kinds of end. The first one is the brass flower charm which is linked to 2 strand of pollen made of 4 shades of jade. Olive green, emerald green, Orange and ochre, all the colours of the organic nature. The 2nd one is a simple red gemstone. Both of the ends are connected to a long brass chain.

The whole lariat measures 2.5”

Price S$50

Trio in Earth- three combos ochre earrings

This set consists of 3 different shades of yellow ochre earrings and comes with a pair of 33mm brass kidney ear wires.

The first one is a yellow jade wrapped with a brass beadcap.

The second one is a wooden thread ball in brown and white colors with small green jade bead.

The third one is a flower design consists of acrylic flowers, brass and glass crystals.

Price S$28

Trio in Bleu - three combos earrings

This set consists of 3 different shades of blues earrings and comes with a pair of 33mm brass kidney ear wires.The first one is a glass blue bell flower attached with an amazonite faceted rondelles and linked with brass bead cap and corrugated bead. The second one is a simple design with 2 howlite turquoise rondelles and amazonite faceted rondelles in the middle. The third one is 2 unique magnesite turquoise square beads with a brass flower spacers in the middle.

Price S$28

Yellow olive - yellow jades with brass chain necklace

I like this necklace because of its natural earth tone. It seems to remind me of the harvest season, the agriculture, the laughter, the songs and the hardworking spirits^^The brass chain is linked with 5 nice shades of yellow jades and connected with a simple clasp. The necklace measures 18”.

Price S$30

Tranquil and Sunshine - light sapphire and chrome yellow earrings

This is another attempt to use contrast colours like blue and yellow. However I am still quite careful not to overdo with the tones, so by using clear crystal colour to balance the contrasting effect hence created a harmonious yet still attractive pair of earhooks. The 925 ear hook is wired around with light sapphire, crystal and ivory yellow swarovski crystals. I used only sterling silver.The diameter of the earhook is 1.5”

Price S$35, one of a kind

Little Spaceship - aqua Swarovski xilion bead clusters and rhodium chain necklace

The very first impression which this bracelet gave me is... it looks like a little spaceship in the starry space. Quite cute isn’t it^^ The aqua Swarovski xilion bead is linked to a bright silver plated bead and tightly connected to a small cluster of various sizes of blue and crystal clears Swarovski beads. This pendant is fastened to a rhodium necklace finished with a 925 silver clasp. The necklace measures 21”

Price S$30, one of a kind

Scores in blue and silver- filigree beads and blue, mint alabaster and indicolite lariat

A dazzling lariat arranged in a simple and flexible design to be worn as a choker, necklace or lariat in anyway which you can think of. It consists of different shades of swarovski blue crystals; sapphire, mint alabaster and indicolite. The crystals are linked using non tarnish silver plated copper wire to a silver chain and filigree beads. The open and close link is a silver plated copper leaf pendant drop, adding some natural touch to the overall. This lariat measure about 34" for the whole length.

Price S$45, one of a kind