Monday, April 26, 2010

Lavandula - violet quartz with swarovski crystal earrings

‘Lavandula’, the mint family name of lavender. Honestly I never know that lavender is actually a mint flower. Even through the pleasant aromatic fragrant and vibrant violet of the lavender are the upstanding characteristics, infusions of lavender soothe and heal insect bites. Bunches of lavender repel insects. If applied to the temples, lavender oil soothes headaches. In pillows, lavender seeds and flowers aid sleep and relaxation. Truly all things are created with a good purpose...isn’t it?

Have anyone of you tasted lavender ice cream in Singapore? I remember I ever tasted the most delicious lavender and orange peel ice cream in my life but sadly, the ice cream shop had closed down for many years. The shop was located at the city link and now is replaced by Starbucks. The shop was called ‘Hibiscus’ Please let me know if anyone have seen any of this shop around^^

Lavandula earrings are made of sterling silver, quartz and swarovski. Each side measures 2.5”.

Price S$50, temporary out of stock

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