Friday, April 2, 2010

Mountain Yucca - gemstones and brass lariat

The title is named after a flower called Yucca. Surprisingly, Yucca is both a plant and a moth to fertilize its own pollen and they have a special relationship for each other survival. Yucca plants are a member of the lily family, so do check up my blog if you are interested to know more of it. Can you find some resemblance of the yucca flower with my lariat if you check up my blog to see the actual picture of it?? Yes it is the shape of the brass charm I used. The lariat is consisted of 2 different kinds of end. The first one is the brass flower charm which is linked to 2 strand of pollen made of 4 shades of jade. Olive green, emerald green, Orange and ochre, all the colours of the organic nature. The 2nd one is a simple red gemstone. Both of the ends are connected to a long brass chain.

The whole lariat measures 2.5”

Price S$50

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