Thursday, April 1, 2010

A letter to Lovers of Joypeckjoy jewellery

Dear Lovers of Joypeckjoy,

I have created this blog to contain all my inspirations and ideas for my jewellery. Always drop by if you want to know more about the jewellery that I have created. Also I love animal and do have some knowledge about animal care, so I will be posting all I know about it here too.

My joypeckjoy boutique is a wonderful place to look for 100% handmade unique jewellery, so drop by to see all my promotions and updates. My jewellery is of guaranteed quality with new and original inspirations. Please read more about my policy and feel free to drop me any mails with any questions. In order to celebrate my opening of new shop, I am offering discounts for buyers and vouchers if you recommend my boutique to your friend, tweet about it or even help to promote my shop in your facebook.

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