Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Slow stroll....

A new pendant which I have created this week.  Another one is a bird pendant that was hand carved by me^^

Thursday, December 16, 2010


A makeover of what?  Me?  No, it my necklace^^  Well I have been so called slaking due to many reasons.  Importantly is that, the shop which I always get my art clay silver was sadly closed down.  However, I managed to find another jewellery shop that sells Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and that means that I have to totally clean up my tools if I am getting PMC.  Art clay silver and PMC contain different types of binders that cannot be mixed together but they can be used as an 'add on' the fired fine silver pieces.  I have been spending some time 'repairing' and 'upgrading' the old pieces.  The results were out today and I am so excited to show them to you.  Also I have made some matching earrings for the flower necklaces.  They will be out in my Etsy shop soon^^


Sorry for the pictures as it was raining when I was taking the shots.  I really do not like the silver to look so "blue"...I'll retake the pictures again.  Anyway what do you think?  I have added some textures to the surfaces and also the middle part.  The result is so so so much better^^

This was a repaired piece of a seperated oval base and 3 petite flowers.  Basically, I just joined them together.  The result is great!! 

Another piece that was so called 'upgraded'^^ Simple and sweet!