Friday, March 29, 2013

Whimsical spring.....

"Spring is here.............??"

Seriously, it is so hard to experience 'Spring' in Singapore....the hot and humid climate down here is killing me....Fortunately,  the process of making these lovely jewelry filled me with sweetness and moment of tranquility....

'Pin Interest'...

'Pin Interest' 

Blissful spring is here and I have created these lovely bobby pins hair accessories recently.  They will be listed in my JoyPeckJoy shop soon...... 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Public Garden in Feb at National Museum

Public Garden, Singapore National Museum
Great Success for the Public Garden Flea Market in Feb at Singapore National Museum!!  Personally, I could say that I HEART this flea market more compared to SCAPE.  Most of the vendors during this event are introducing handmade products such as soap, jewelry, recycled notebooks, pottery, bags and many more.  This handmade spirit is really something missing locally where flea markets of real artisan stuffs are so common oversea.  However, it is delightful to see that our local handmade markets are catching up slowly.  Also I was so surprised to find that vintage goods had such a lure of attractions!!  Of course, I do fond of some of the dresses I found there.  You will get to see some of the vendors that I HEART, please support them by adding them to your Facebook.  We all hand makers do need such publicity to keep our little shop surviving...yes I mean surviving...

Things I bought


Printed cards originally painted by Teo Ban Siang.  Items related to animals are something that I can NEVER and EVER resist especially when the artist mentioned that some of the sales go to the 'needy' cats.  Hopefully he will have some new ones for the next march event again. 
This is the 2nd item that I bought.  I love handmade recycled notebooks.  The seller really do have many wonderfully created paper, sadly I didn't take pictures of those.  Yes Yes, in order to prevent myself from over spent, I only kept $30 dollars in my wallet...  Well, I do follow up those shops that I like, visiting and adding them in my shopping list for next time.
Shops I heart
This is definitely in my shopping list for next time.  Always love this kind of handmade bag.  Something different than the mass productions.

 I always support handmade soaps.  My soaps are all handmade by this etsy shop WildHerb .You will understand the goodness of handmade soaps only after you have tried it.  I am surprised to find this handmade soap shop at this flea market.  Imagine you know the ingredients of the soaps and they are all healthy stuffs, essential oils and no hidden suspicious thingy inside.  Though you can find handmade soaps locally but once you smell the strong know that something is 'out' do try these soap made by thesoapArtisans. Seems like they sold all their soaps during this flea market...what a hot catch!!
Handmade ceramic owl cup is one of my favorite after I checked her etsy shop just now.  I used to have this one of a kind mug but was unfortunately broken by my sister.  I still can't get over the sadness even 10 years later.  You can imagine how much I love that mug...Kind of disappointed even until now as I could not find anything that is similar, so I decided to make one of a kind on my own in the future.  I believe that you will understand this sentiment.