Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bethany's wedding

I received an email from one of my customer Bethany last month. She actually shared with me her happy moments. I am really glad ( yes until now) that she emailed me 2 of her weddings photographs wearing the pearl earrings I created. I believe that this is the best compliment I have ever had ever since I have opened my jewellery shop. These are the pictures^^ See how beautiful she is!!

This is the pendant and earrings that she bought!! Find them in my shop here



  1. Those are AMAZING!!! Classic beauty to match the Bride.

  2. Bethany is super gorgeous! Of course, I am biased, she is my niece. :)

  3. Joy - Your jewelry looks so perfect with her wedding dress! What a wonderful compliment to have her wear your creations on her very special day. You must feel so happy!

  4. YES Stacy!! I am really happy to have such compliment. Bethany has been very kind to me^^