Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First time writing blog

Well...this is my very first time writing a blog...quite nervous...><”

"This blog is about my jewellery making career. I think it is a big change for those who know me as a fine art artist... (Maybe I could write about my painting once I settle down with the jewellery part. Painting is still my passion) but overall jewellery making is also very interesting; especially when I got to know what silver clay was^^. Super interesting!!! I always teach my little students to play with paper clay and now this silver clay is a real hit for jewellery maker "

This is my shop at Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/joypeckjoy

What do you think of the banner.......Can’t imagine that this simple banner took me 3 hrs to complete....headache... but at least I started to get the idea of the software GIMP , a free one to replace Photoshop. Not bad too^^ This banner is only for temporary usage. I have a lot of new ideas for the new one...those ideas have been bombing my mind until I can’t sleep for many nights, so I think it’s best to get them out ASAP!!! Do check up as i really do have some interesting and unique jewellery.

Here are some pics to arouse your curiosity ^^ The one above is titled Moon, the faithful witness. Made with moonstones and aventurine together with sterling silver. Overall I think I have managed to get a balance harmony in this modest design. What do you think?


The necklace above is Innocent Light, another of my crystal series. Innocent light is a piece of simple yet graceful necklace emphasizing the feminine character of yours.


Eternal bliss, a stunning pair of earrings made with swarovski crystals wired round the sterling silver ear loop. Sold one of it to my friend Cindy^^ Thanks!


This lariat is En noir et blanc (Black and white), a contemporary style. Made with swarovski crystals and sterling silver components. I remember I took nearly 3 hrs to make it and this was a nervous experiment with expensive materials. What do you think? I like it quite a lot.


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