Thursday, December 24, 2009

New shots for "love is in the air"

I'm so happy to see the sun was out after the heavy downpour in the morning and the lighting was extremely bad. The weather is a bit cooling now and just right for relaxing. Yeh!! Finally I can get to pamper myself a bit with a 30mins nap but still I must focus not to nap for too long and get my work done for today.

Here is my to do list,

1) Pack my room
2) New shots for some earrings and necklace, Check!
3) Update my Etsy
4) My personal study
5) Enjoy what my dad prepared today...FEAST!

These are the new pics for the earrings> <, nice right.......but I'm not going to upload today as the Etsy is having a traffic jam....headache... always a problem and i hope they really do something about it. So sit back and enjoy as you are the first one to view it ya...hehe...

I always like the way the light glowed at the back, adding some 'Wow' from the other viewer........ It looks so holy, decent and pleasant, really something to showcase your feminie personality. SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!!! The balance was the difficult part during the process of making this earring. As I created them one after another, the number of crystals varied. I have to depend on my eyes to balance the volume of the crystals to create a natural flow of clusters on each side.

I think it is hard to find a correct composition for this kind of earrings, something doesn't seem right. But this pic is one of the best angle Rookie Joy could have. Overall not bad^^ I alway want to invest on a photoshop when I get serious with jewelery making career and there are so many things in my head concerning....well too many for me to list... Not matter what, I still enjoy the process of creating something beautiful but the promoting part is always a headache to me. Never good in it...

This is the pic which I cant get it right but the outcome is still presentable. I do not know the best angle of it and I think also because my existing props are not suitable for the concept. What do you think?

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