Sunday, December 20, 2009

My heart is calmed.

I have been wondering about all these sort of Twitter, followers and following thing. When I was a so called Artist (what many people would really feel honoured with the title) I never want to get involved in the art industry as I never agree with that kind of mass communication and socialising world to be “known”. Even though I may love art and painting a lot but a greater commission which I have now is so much vital and important and thus becomes the main priority of my life. Well, I have to admit that I was drawn away with the anxiety of life for this month; to associate, to be connected with as many people as possible, to be followed and following other people when I should be following the most important ONE. My conscience has been telling me what I am doing now is wrong and I do not enjoy being involved in the mass connection world now or then. Hence I finally managed to be awaked and confirmed my decision during the study meeting I had this week and really thanks God that he draw me back to stay focus on my priority commission I have now and to leave my anxiety of life to him. He will do what is needed for me when the time is right and I do have even more faith and feel even closer to him. Hence I started to delete my Twitter account and other related site as these are not the source which I want to rely in. Of course I am still making jewellery but I do it on the day I scheduled and try not to be distracted by any unwanted temptations and desires.

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