Friday, December 25, 2009

Yucca/Mountain Yucca

Yup, this is the yucca flower that I'm talking about in my Etsy shop. I was inspired by the shape even through mine is a brass charm. Of course I never see it in real life because you can only find them wild in southern United States, Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies. It seems like a big bloated lily flower to me..hehe... Normally, the plants bear huge drooping bell shaped flower in white color and the leaves are rather stiff in the shape of the sword. The pollen of the yucca flowers is too moist to be carried by the wind, so it depends on the yucca moth to fertilize its flowers.Yucca moths are small and white. (Erm... my lariat's pollens are green and orange... and now i know why the plant and moth have some survival symbiotic relation... )

The next picture is a common species of yucca plant, grows in southern regions. Called......Adam's needle. Yup it's Adam's needle. ( I only heard of Adam's apple...(-_-)" ) Well who ever wants to know why please check up this link. http://http// I'll read it later.

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