Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Destash Shop is COMING SOON!!

Dear Friends,

I have finally finished my banner for my destash shop. Hot and fresh from the oven. I have edited a little bit from the banner Reani designed for me. This is it,

Not bad right...hehe...

Well there are still many things that I have to do... I made a list of many things...Anyway what will I be selling?? Remember my sister Peggy bought me jades that worth $400 altogether...I think I'll spend donkey years to finish them, so jades are part of my goodies in my new destash shop and......maybe you can find out more in my next blog about it.

Things to do list

1)the profile, account and policies, checked

2)pictures of the supplies

3)descriptions of the supplies

4)my blog shop (something out of Etsy...), checked

5)my online shop (something out of soopsee...)

6)personal piano lesson........

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