Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pinking Sparkling Soda - swarovski and stardust beads bracelet

Simply for lovers who are fanatic for shimmery, glittering and pinkish goodies^^ This bracelet reminds me of a cup of icy cool strawberry soda in a cafe...enjoying the light and jazzy music...a piece of cheese cake... Does that make you think so??
PSS is created with a handmade clear pink swarovski crystal toggle clasp which is attached to a strand of sterling silver stardust round beads.
This bracelet fits 7” (about 18cm). Please let me know if you wish to change the measurement longer or shorter. Trust me; it looks BEST with only a bit allowance. More bracelets coming soon in different colours. Orders can be made, just let me know the colour.

Price S$5o

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