Friday, July 19, 2013

New Art Clay Silver Ear Studs in Shop!

 Which pair is your favorite?

Well, I think I have accidentally deleted the first script that have I typed just now for this post...sometimes words just do not come so easily...especially for me.  Again, I have created some new pairs of metal clay pieces ( the studs are already listed in my etsy shop) and I am very happy that I can use this medium again...urh...of course the price is as costly as before or should I said even more costly...( not a toy to play with -_-""  ...)  However though expensive, this flexible medium really opens up rooms for creativity and I finally get my brain working at least for the creativity sake.  Truly, I really really enjoy using art clay silver to make my jewellery. Hopefully I can get some ideas out of  my mind and continue to list new creations at least once a month. 

Good news for those curious ones who personally want to experience to create a one of a kind necklace or earrings yet do not want to sign up for some sorts of serious hard core jewellery lessons that are really costly too.  I am thinking of organizing a short term lesson, really short like 1 or 2 classes, a time to try something different.  I will probably get the lesson outline done by August and at least conduct this lesson once by this year.  


  1. Hi hi,

    stumble here from ur esty.

    Do let me know when your short-term class is ready. It sounds interesting! I have to see if I have the time to attend though (year end happens to be my peak period).

    BTW, does any of your earrings have thick 'stems' (the 'stick' behind) like those the jewellers used to pierce earrings and with a part of the 'stem' thinner to prevent the earring clutch from falling off easily? I am looking for something to wear on a daily basis but not those with the skinny 'stem' as it is very difficult to change earrings if the ear holes become smaller.


  2. Hi, Thanks for your comments and I am so sorry to get back to you so late, just kinda of getting back to blog some new creations :))
    The short term lesson is to be held locally in Singapore.
    Beside if I am not wrong, the 'stem' that you are talking about is the 'post' If, so yes all the stud posts come with notch that prevent the nut from falling off.