Monday, January 24, 2011

Aspiring Metalsmiths: My Early Stage of Jewelry Crafting...

This is the 2nd time that I participated in the Aspiring Metalsmiths Blogroll.  This Jananury blogroll is about the first piece of jewelry I made.  If you remember, I only started crafting metal clay jewelry last September, so my early jewelry were mostly made of swarovski crystals, jades, brass, charms and other gems stones.  I'll divide the process into different stages. 

Stage 1) Chinese Orients
My very first works are more to the eastern orient style when I made earrings using jades, cinnebars, cloisonne. 

Stage 2)  Sweet Romantism
I normally lost interest of a style very fast especially when I only make jewelry for a few months.  I just love those sweet sweet pink elements, polymer clay flowers, butterfly charms and swarovski crystals...

Stage 3) Swarovski Fanatic
I love colours and the best advantage about swarovski products is that there is a wide range of colours.  Just like the colours that are available for paintings, so I really loved using those colourful crystals.

Stage 4) Gemstones and precious metals
I got into a classy mood that I thought that better quality materials like sterling silver and precious gem stones should be able to help me to reach another higher end market. 

Stage 5)  Flexible metal clay
Of course I still have many more other experiments such as painted pendants, combinations of pearl and etc but I will skip all those if not this blog is going to be very long.  This is my very first metal clay pendant^^  I still love it until now...haha...I at times feel that 'Wow this is a fast growth'.  I will continue with this medium for the time being as there are many techniques I really want to learn.  I'm going to start combining cement into my works, so stay tune ya^^ 

Please check up the interesting blogs of my other talented teammates to find out their early jewelry!!

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  1. It is so fun to see how your style has developed over time! Good Luck with the new projects!

  2. Love seeing the stages you went through Joy! Your metal clay pieces are getting more and more intricate, I look forward to seeing more beautiful work in the future!

  3. Such beautiful work, you make some lovely combinations and all in the space of a year! Amazing. Looking forward to your adventure in metalwork!

  4. Joy - I love all of your work. Your style all along has been so feminine and pretty. Somehow your pieces give a solid yet delicate feel that I really like. You are doing such beautiful metal clay pieces now - I look forward to seeing where your work will take you in the future.

  5. How very interesting to see that your style has grown and grown! You are doing great and I love your pieces.

  6. Simple yet lovely designs. The color combinations was enough to tell how beautiful they are as well as the designs. You delightfully shows your feminine side without ruining the gems.
    I'm glad I've seen your site. Please keep up the good work and continue updating.
    Best regards, John Hardy jewelry.