Monday, January 25, 2010


I think those rookies like me who first opened their shop in Etsy should have the same expression like what I thought. The saddest thing is that the competition is so great and stressful until I wondered if my creations are up to the market and standard...I was showered with doubts and anxiety and of course stress. The common conclusion is "Not many people like my works"
But I was very happy when I read the reviews given for my shop at Or so she says blog. Really flattering and made my day^^ So I would like to share with you^^
This is what Mariel said about my shop:
'I love jewelry, you already know that. But, there's something extra special about the jewelry from JoypeckJoy that's hard to describe. Maybe "innocent"? Angelic? Light and Pure? Heavenly?? Yep, in heaven...I think this is what our jewelry will look like :). The jewelry in this shop is seriously beautiful, with plenty of sparkle...made by an artist (and children's art teacher) in Singapore. Many of her pieces are inspired by actual things she sees in nature, like pollen, a yucca flower, the northern lights, etc. I love that! What better inspiration for beauty than nature?'

Thanks ya Mariel and Jessica!!!

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