Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pictures tell a thousand words

I am very particular in compositions, colours and background when I post my jewellery for photo shooting. I personally think that the way I set up the background and props is critical especially when the items I created are too simply or too bold. The background can tune up the taste of the object, to spice up and create an urge for the viewers and satisfy their eyes’ appetite or just simply turn people off. I always hunt down props to match my compositions until I have too many of I think it is time for me to balance my desires as after all, I am selling jewellery instead of pictures. However, I do enjoy the process but somethimes hate it when the shots are bad. In order to satisfy my mine ego as a so called "artist", I now created a top 3 charts of my favourite shots. Tells me which are your favourite 3 pictures after you have checked up my shop and you will receive a '15% off your purchase voucher' (* excluding shipping fee) to grab something from my shop^^ This entry will end on the 30th of Jan ( just comment in this blog with the 3 listings, give me some reasons why you choose so and twitter me ) Here's mine...

The very first one and my all time favourite is....

No.1 En noir et blanc - sterling silver and swarovski crystal lariat.

I reallylove the comtemporary design of this lariat. As I said before, I love to play around with differents shades of a colour, adding layers and similar shapes around to make the lariat more unqiue. And, I have recently give this lariat a makeover. I'll try to post it up as soon as possible, so stay tune if you are interested in this.

No. 2 Passion of the nature - magnesite turquoise coins and white howlite stones bracelet
I love the strong and bold design of it even through this may look earthy. But isn't it the characteristic of the power of nature?

No3. The Red flamenco - Mocha and red swarovski crystals and filigree charm earrings

I always have a weakness when things are in white, red, black and grey. These are the colours which I often used in my painting. Probably I'll post some of my favourite paintings out of my treasure box...have to dig out my pictures... I named this pair of earrings after the show "strictly ballroom" A super nice show about ballroom dancing. Especially during the last part when the the mexican gal danced with the man ...sorry I forgot their names... Maybe I'll dig out the show again...


  1. hello!
    I chanced upon your etsy shop because I wanted to buy my cousin something for her coming b-day! Your jewellery is really sweet!
    OK, my three fav photos:

    1)the red flamenco -- because i personally gravitate towards strong colours, and i like how the red is tempered by the wood behind it.

    2)honey and lime bracelet -- because the briolettes look fat and juicy. The soft grey background echoes the baby blue of the briolettes too.

    3)moonlight story -- I have been eyeing this pair of earrings for myself -- actually! I like how the greyish tones of the moonstone are paired with a warm orange stone in the earring, and the edge of an interesting gourd-shaped dish (is it!) is placed in the picture.

    So there you have it! I think many of your pictures have a very stark light background -- maybe you can try and be more adventurous and play off colours in the jewelry -- either contrasting, or complementary colours always attract the eye.


  2. haha thks and let me know what you are interested. I'll give you the discount and I truely appreciated your comments^^

  3. Oh Lilian, I was too happy just now to see you comment on my post. If do not mind, may I know how do you come across my etsy site? Really thank you for your support^^ and give me a covo if you are interested to get something in my shop.

    Many loves,