Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everyday Ear studs

Yes I make jewellery but do I wear jewellery??.......Erm seldom actually. I have a very sensitive skin especially when I sweat a lot, I will develop some itchy rash once the sweat and the jewellery (even fine gold or silver) kind of react together. So to say I hardly wear earrings that are long and dangle. Now what I have mostly in my little jewel box are ear studs, simple kinds of course. Here I am going to recommend some really gorgeous ear studs I find in of course etsy again.

Turn Over a New Leaf by cherrycreek

Vintage Love Daisies Post Earrings by DareDream

Arrow Swirl Bold Stud Style Ear Wire by alluregem

Blum Blum sterling silver flower Earrings studs by kalicat

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  1. an absolutely lovely selection of handmade ear studs for every day