Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Friends

I have been in Etsy for about 14 months and last 2 months were the time when I made some friends. Especially I would like to thank my No.1 Fan Peggy who constantly supports my shop; truly a lovable lady who always cheer me up with her sweet compliments and love for the jewellery I made. I always find her kind messages during my tired and worn off days or in the mornings. Okay, enough with these mushy mushy words, these are some great creations which I LOVE from my other Etsy friends............. SHOWTIME!


CHOOSE ANY PRINT 32x48 Inch Mounted Canvas OR Wooden Artbox - Creative Fine Art Photography by Moonangelnay

Have you realise how artistic and stunning your white washed wall would look with Naomi's print? It's time for you to do some make over to transform big or even tiny lifeless wall spaces into an inviting relaxing home gallery.

It is so hard to find Real artist in Etsy and Judy wrote me a message with encouragement on one of my earrings. This painting is a mixed media piece with alterations to the paint made with oil pastel, oil crayon, graphite, colored pencil. Interesting isn't it? I personally like the ways she manipulated the spaces and colors. This painting is filled with strong colors and contrasted with harmonised details.

Poor little mouse Plant Stake by glassetc

Now who is ready to adopt this poor little mouse and give it a lovely home in your garden? Whoever want to know the touching story of this poor mouse should check up this listing...I understand Cathy as I have 3 cats. Also I have to thank Cathy as my moonlight story ear hooks were featured in the Etsy Frontpage because of her treasury.

Are you thinking of getting a new pair of shoes as the old ones are so blend and boring? WAIT!!! This is a shoe make over and look at the wonders this pair of flower clips can do. Unbelievable right! Though they are only meant for shoes but use your imaginations as I think that they'll look great on your handbags or clothes too.

Love Bird Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace by The Silver Diva

Carrissa is my mentor and English teacher I know from Etsy. She is very kind and friendly to give me encouragements and constructive ideas on what I should do to make my shop look better. She makes hand stamped, custom and personalized jewellery. If you have some memories you want to remember for know who to look for now.

I think this is no surprise once you see the words like coconut and beach. Yes! Betsy is an Island girl and guess where does her inspirations come from...It's from her grandmother who came from The Canary Islands and her mum who is from The Island of Puerto Rico and her desire to bring awareness to the public to preserve these precious beaches for future generations. Imagine the day when we can't find beautiful seashell like this ring....Guess this is what Betsy wanted to tell all of us...

This one of a kind necklace is so so so beautiful and just in time for the summer. It is created with faceted sea foam quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and light green jade. Soft and sweet to charm the wearer. Hilde really knows how to make a woman look pretty and attractive.

This gorgeous Victorian looking bag is made from cotton satin and wooden handles. Her inspirations are from the dresses she has. It is true that we are always inspired by the things around us everyday. Doesn't this bag look like a small doll dress? Sweet for shopping and you can even use it as a diaper bag!

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  1. Joy, Thanks so much for featuring my poor little mouse plant stake! I too have three cats now (two new kittens and an older curmudgeon). My older cat (I now call him Big Daddy) is still the impressive mouser and likes to show off this skill for the little ones! Thanks again, Cathy

  2. haha i have a fat cat who is only capable of eating and playing only. He loves my massage and I can only remember that the only trophy he managed to win for himself was a cockroach.

  3. wow thanks so much for featuring my urban nature print at the top! i find its always so special to receive any recognition of my work and i always truely appreciate efforts made to share it with others by others. you're a star thanks ever so much again!

  4. No prob, I remember you are the very first one to supoort my jewellery in your blog too^^