Friday, July 9, 2010


Well I guess it is time not to self indulge in my own jewelleries, so I would like to share some lovely and interesting items in Etsy. Of course I am quite tight for my wallet but I don't mind you to get these stuff too^^ Ok Let's cut short all these blar blar blar...


OLDE CATALOOCHEE Custom Blend - Ground or Whole Bean from katherynmd

I have an addiction for coffee and I have to take 2 cups everyday. This is important as coffee break is the time when I really get to slow down and relax. Though I am trying to cut down my
dosage....this coffee is really tempting...


Assorted French Nougats - Vanilla, Cafe au Lait, Green Tea Latte, Chocolate-Orange, Pistachio, Pistachio-Cranberry, and Strawberry Nougats from Kettle Confections

OK please get your hankie now and stop drooling in front of the screen...Someone please get me this! I'm attracted to the picture and it is telling me to 'EAT ME NOW'


Hollow Log Picture Frame from WoodCraftsShop

Dennis' darling Meow Meow just passed away recently and he wanted to get some woody frames to house her pictures. We walked rounds and rounds and got some earthy frames.

I think that he'll love this too but the seller ships only in the States so...too bad...


Lilly Pulitzer Hidden Garden Green Fabric Dog Collar from

It;s time I get Teddy my boy a new collar. He is a ocher mixed chihuahua terrier and I have to kiss him 100 times a day to show how much I love him...This is really beautiful and Teddy for sure will look great with this.


Bird of Paradise Teabowl from meowcity

This is a new shop in etsy and the seller says:" I am a clay artist / photog / writer / jack-of-all-awesomes living in Los Angeles. I have quite a lot of fun, teach ceramics to children, and also do mostly whatever I want. "

This tea bowl is really unique and very wonderfully created. The picture is so so beautiful that I really hope someone will please show him some love but getting this tea bowl. Dennis will like this too.


Bird Song Hobo Bag and Zipper Pouch from retrofied

Isn't this bag gorgeous?? I have been aiming it for 2 months and I still like it...probably I have to save up a bit to really make it mine...


SHRUG IVORY BOLERO from filofashion

Now this is the one that I'm going to get soon...I love white and this is really handy for many occasions. I will need this for an spiritual event in Aug to match my clothes. This is really beautiful...

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