Thursday, July 8, 2010

Handpainted thingy...

Hi guys,

Glad that I'm back to update my blog!

I am occupied with many things in my head; thinking of what to do with my jewelleries in my Etsy shop. Beside my detash shop has to be on hold as I am really busy to open up another new shop... Though I have seen and learnt many things recently, I spent most of my times doing my brain therapy and of course RELAX and stay calm. So I have to thank you for following my blog despite my absents for some time.

I started some hand painted pendants recently. Honestly I'm afraid for my eye sight and I do notice a slight change after some nights of works under a cheap lamp, using size 1 brush to paint on a 1.5" space...guess I better stick to my daylight routines...Anyway this is my new work^^ What do you think??

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